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Velvet Breeze (V-B)

V-B should have been called Hero, she and her mum Mistral arrived sometime through the night. She was lying down with her mum standing over her when I found them. V-B had a stab wound to her left eye which was white and very swollen. V-B and Mistral were rushed to our vets who had to remove her eye to save her. 

The left hand side of her face was in quite a mess due her her eye running, the caustic nature of tear drops had burned her skin

She weight just 28kg and had been given a 50/50% chance of surviving the operation, survive she did she stayed at the vets for three days before coming home

Slowly V-B recovered, her mum was exceptional staying by her side day and night, it took a year to get V-B on her feet and trusting us enough to come over to us.

V-B's turning point was the arrival of Maisie (Clydesdale mare) from the moment Maisie stepped into the stable yard V-B was in awe of her, she followed her everywhere, lay outside her stable door. 

When Maisie had to go to Glasgow vet school V-B tried (as did the other donkeys) to stop Maisie leaving. The entire time Maisie was away V-B stood at the yard gate calling for her, when Maisie came back V-B ran up and down the yard fence calling her to come over

V-B's other best friend is Soul (Golden Retriever) every morning they say hello to each other over the fence

V-B is everyone's favourite, the first to meet them, stands all day with anyone who is happy to fuss her. Mistral still keeps an eye on her daughter both V-B and Mistral will be kept here together

V-B is a little donkey with a heart that has no bounds 

V-B the day she arrived, surgery and stay at the vets

V-B with best friend Maisie and all grown up

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