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Sometimes words cannot express how you feel about a person or animal, Claire is that animal.

Claire arrived May 2016. In a state so bad the vets words were “if you want to put her to sleep I will totally go along with you”

Apart from being skin and bone, her legs were weak, she had, had an abscess in her front foot that had burst and caused her coronary band to split away from her foot, she had an abscess over her rump which was raw and so painful for her.

Despite this her eyes and face were asking for a chance, with both the vets and farrier on her side she gained weight, the farrier worked his magic on her feet.

After a good bath and her matted coat clipped away, Claire was looking (and probably feeling) a different donkey.

Through everything this little white donkey battled pain with grace and determination, she was as determined to get better as we were to get her back on her feet.

Every morning Claire stood at the fence calling for breakfast. Claire had a massive following, everyday her fan club from around the world posted on FB “how is Kate this morning” she touched everyone who followed her videos and daily antics.

Four short months later her past life caught up with her and sadly she lost her battle.

Claire is still remembered and still missed, we talk about her even after five years, the little white donkey with a huge, big heart.

She left us knowing what love was, and if loved could have cured her she would still be here today.

Claire who touched everyone who met her 

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