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We have Meet the vet morning

On Thursday 16th November 2023 11.00am

This is teeth rasping, for both Judith and Christine

These two donkeys arrived very thin and both had serious teeth and gum problems

There will be the usual short question and answers, and to be able to see exactly what a donkeys teeth

and mouth looks like first hand!!!

Everyone is welcome, there is no charge for this activity 


Meet the farrier

We believe that by education and "hands on" is the best way to teach 

We have  two to three hours of "meet the farrier" and see how donkeys feet are trimmed and the damage that is done through neglect, and see the corrective treatment first hand

There is no charge for this, if these sessions help a donkey in the future they have served their purpose, plus the feed back is that everyone finds them fascinating.

The majority of children and adults  who come to these days never get the opportunity to watch a farrier at work and ask questions, this is very much hands on.


Meet the vet

Like the farrier days, we organise a two hour session with one of our vets, usually teeth rasping, which has proved incredibly popular, the feed back is for more, not often you get a chance to look into a donkeys mouth!! The questions and answers is also very popular

Christmas  party with the  donkeys

This is great fun for all both human and donkey, sadly due to lockdown we all missed it last year. Photos below from 2019 Christmas party

Halloween Party

Sadly like the Christmas party last years Halloween didn't go ahead, they are great fun, there is best fancy dress under 12 years and best fancy dress 12-18 year old, along with best  pumpkin competition

The donkeys get into the "spirit" of the night! The stables are decorated and fun is had by all

There will be more activities added (lock-downs permitting) 

There is no charge for any of these activities


First photo. One of the meet the farrier days, Bruce with Blossom and Mistral and some of the "trainees"                                            Second photo Vet Callum showing a young lad what the inside of a donkeys mouth looks like during "meet the vet sessions" 

Photos three and four, the Little long ears getting ready for the Christmas and Halloween parties


Some photos from the start of the 2019 Christmas party

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