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Alan Dart

Alan Dart very kindly designed a Barnhill Donkey Pattern.

Alan Dart's craft work has appeared in numerous magazines, he has written several books,                   and demonstrated crafts on two children’s television series

Alan has deigned some famous  licensed character toy collections patterns, which include.


  • Flintstones, Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter, Top Cat, Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry, Wind in the Willows, Wallace and Gromit,   Thomas the Tank Engine Postman Pat,  Muffin the Mule, Brambly Hedge, Rugrats, Pudsey Bear, Bob the Builder  Plus many more

We are indebted to Philippa Groves MBE for asking Alan Dart if he would make a  donkey pattern for Barnhill Donkeys Retreat, and thrilled when he happily agreed.

Philippa asked her vast friend network if they would knit the Barnhill donkey, Philippa's friend Regula knitted these two fantastic donkeys, which like all the others are called "Alan the Barnhill donkey"

Thank you Alan, Philippa and Regula for making this possible

You will find Alan the donkey, popping up all over the stable yard and jumping on a passing donkey, he is a very lively little chap.


Alan is for sale to help raise much needed funds

A massive thank you Philippa, Alan, Regula and everyone else who has and is helping us, help donkeys that arrive in conditions no animal should be in.

Alan is seen below is various places around the stable yard, and hitching a ride from passing donkeys

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